Result Area 1: Conflict Prevention


Activity 1:  The AAEA General Assembly and 7th  Annual Continental Forum of EMBs

After the holding of its Executive Committee in May 2022 and after two years of hibernating due to the global pandemic, the AAEA will hold its General Assembly followed by a two-days forum organized by the African Union in Maputo, in November 2022. Beyond the promotion of a common culture of prevention of electoral violence the success of this upcoming event will help build a community of EMB leaders who share common values, jointly work towards the consolidation of integrity in elections and support each other, especially when facing challenges related to their offices.

Activity 2: Convening of Workshop on ACDEG strategy

The African Union adopted the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) in 2007 which entered into force in 2012. Since then, the AUC is working on disseminating the values encompassed in the Charter and pursuing its promotion. The ACDEG School Curriculum Project is part of this effort aiming to entrench the culture of democracy, good governance as well as respect of rule of law and human rights within the future generation in line with the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and governance and as part of the implementation of the African Union Agenda 2063. Associated goals include the vulgarisation of ACDEG and advocacy for its ratification and implementation.


A workshop will be convened to look at the Development of a long-term strategy / Road map in the promotion of the African Charter on Democracy, Election and Governance through education institutions. The workshop will gather all relevant stakeholders in order to ensure that all the relevant information about the ACDEG strategy is included in the final Roadmap. This meeting set the stage for the implementation of a Pilot Project in specifically selected countries.

Activity 3: African Union Guidelines on Constitutional Amendments workshop


Activity 4: 6th Edition of the African Transnational Justice Forum