We are proud to launch the "Strategic Planning for Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs) Using Quality Management Principles" publication with the preface of the Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Giuseppe Mistretta.

This publication has contributed to the 7th Annual Continent Forum of Election Management Bodies (EMBs) on 14-15 November 2022 in Maputo Mozambique, an event supported by ECES in the framework of the Pro Electoral Integrity project, a project in Support of Electoral Integrity in Africa. This project is funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, through the Italian-African Peace Facility (IAPF) Instrument, honouring the existing partnership between ECES and the African Union Commission’s Department of Political Affairs, Peace and Security (AUC-PAPS).

It is taking into consideration the central role that the African continent has always played for Italy, and considering the ever-changing context of African elections, either, in terms of emerging technologies, regional political instability, or conflicts, that we have produced and published this paper to constantly adapt our approach to the electoral sphere. In this publication we aim to provide guidance on how to craft a sound strategic plan, departing from the constitutional and legal basis of Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs). This document is embedded with the principle according to which the strategic plan should always spell out the vision, mission, and broader objectives of the EMB, but needs also to be responsive to emerging and evolving challenges.

In the Director Mistretta’s own words:
Africa has long been a top priority of Italian foreign policy. The relationship with the countries of the Continent and its organisations is now based on an equal partnership, oriented to shared development and to face the many global challenges together, thus overcoming the traditional donor/beneficiary vision. Italian attention to Africa is geared towards ensure both the balanced growth of the Continent and our national interest, also within a European and international framework.”

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