2nd Day of the #DoP23

More participation and data privacy steal the spotlight in the 2nd Day of the #DoP23

The Declaration of Principles (DoP) Conference, marked by insightful discussions and global collaboration, progressed through engaging sessions that delved into critical aspects of electoral processes. Let's uncover the highlights from Sessions II to IV, capturing the essence of the ongoing discourse.

Session II - Youth Participation and Representation in Elections

Venturing into the heart of global electoral processes, Session II spotlighted the increasing momentum pushing youth into the forefront. Backed by international heavyweights such as AU, EU, OAS, OSCE, and the UN, there's a resounding call for nations to empower the youth. While progress is evident, barriers persist, from gender disparities to obstacles hindering young voices. The diverse discussions addressed barriers to participation, the art of observing youth, and strategies for meaningful engagement.

Session III - Challenges of Observers during Elections

Immersed in the evolving electoral landscape, Session III confronted the challenges observers face amid the global democratic journey. With declining democratic norms, escalating polarization, and the looming threat of disinformation, the panel dissected strategies for observers. The spotlight on the international community emphasized its pivotal role in safeguarding democratic values, offering a survival guide for better coordination and facing intimidation head-on.

Session IV - Data Protection and Electoral Integrity

Zooming into the digital heartbeat of elections, Session IV underscored the critical importance of data protection and privacy. Beyond talk, the session unraveled the intricacies through real-world cases like Cambridge Analytica, exposing the vulnerability of electoral data. The discussion navigated the evolving international legal framework, the delicate balance between data protection and transparency, and the integral role of international observers as advocates and assessors of data protection standards.

Amid the vibrant conference buzz, these sessions weren't mere information exchanges – they collectively shaped efforts to enhance and adapt electoral observation activities to upcoming challenges. Stay tuned for further insights and developments as the DoP Conference continues to unfold.